Due to the termination of our recent pledge music campaign, we have set up this store on our EPK to continue to raise the funds required to complete our second album. 'Bee Skin Rug'

Using a similar format as the campaign, we have a financial target which we will aim to reach so that we can see the album through to its completion. Therefore, please be aware that certain items within the store labelled 'Pre order', will only get processed and dispatched when our target is reached, allowing us to complete the album and get certain Merch items made. This may mean that hard copy CD's will come much later than the digital release.
Please also be aware that payment is immediate unlike the pledge music campaign, so you will be charged on checkout. 

We'd like to thank you once again for your continued support. You're the bees knees! x


Much love - LTS 

Pre order - New Album - CD £10
   T-Shirt £15
     please email     losttuesdaysociety@gmail.com 
stating your chosen size 
Pre order
Signed A3 print - New album art £40
Pre order-New Album - CD - Signed £15
Pre Order Signed A3 Print  £40
Pre order - Band Mug A £8
'Lost Brewsday society'
Pre OrderNew Album - Download
Hand Written Lyric Sheet £15
Pre order- Band Mug B £8
Lost Tuesday Socie-Tea
    Debut Album - CD £10
Be on the record £50
Acoustic house gig £200
    Debut Album - CD - Signed £15
Special Credit on new album £50
Full Band house gig £500
Acoustic Wedding gig £500
1 of a kind A3 painting by Alfie
One of Alf's sketches from the stufio
1hr Music lesson from a member of your choosing - £25

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